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Results driven training for pregnant women and mothers that fits into your life

Miami Mami® is a mobile in-home personal training service that specializes in meeting the special health and fitness needs of pregnant women and mothers. Pregnant women and mothers have difficulty incorporating fitness and healthy nutrition into their busy everyday lives due to lack of time, lack of motivation or low energy. We help women incorporate fitness into their daily routine by providing a very convenient, superior quality fitness experience at your home or at any other place or time that works for you.

Our Story
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About Sandra Marz

Founder of Miami Mami
Hi ladies!

My name is Sandra. I am a mom of two wonderful girls and a founder of Miami Mami
®. As every busy mother, I know first-hand how challenging it might get to find time for yourself, let alone for exercise and healthy nutrition. Through experience as an IFBB Bodybuilding competitor and a Personal Trainer, I developed a keen understanding of the process of becoming and remaining in peak fitness.

During my first pregnancy, I created a safe and efficient fitness regimen in collaboration with health practitioners, which helped me stay healthy and energetic throughout my pregnancy and beyond.

My personal experience motivated me to commit myself to help other women cope with the physical and emotional challenges of pregnancy, childbirth and childrearing through fitness and healthy nutrition in the most convenient and efficient way.

Join Miami Mami
® tribe and I take control of your health and well-being today!


Our Mission

A day of a woman often ends without any fitness training, because it is very challenging to take care of a newborn, chase after toddlers, do endless driving for school-age kids and in addition to all other important tasks on the to-do list find time and motivation for the exercise. Our mission is to help women to become the best and healthiest version of themselves by making fitness training a convenient and exciting experience. We empower women to take control over their health and overall well-being and teach them how to incorporate healthy habits into their daily routines.


Why Miami Mami®?

Miami Mami® Approach

Our approach starts with creating a personalized exercise plan based on the client’s goals, previous exercise experience, health condition, lifestyle, life stage (fertility, pregnancy or postpartum) and personal fitness preferences. Miami Mami® coaches remain connected with you via mobile app and social media to hold you accountable, consult on fitness and nutrition topics and motivate you to go the extra mile to reach your goals.

Customer Convenience

Miami Mami’s mobile in-home fitness concept makes fitness convenient and accessible at any time and any place. We provide personal training services according to your schedule and thus we save your precious time. No more commutes to and from the gym. No more exercising in the overcrowded fitness studio. Our personal trainers bring all the necessary fitness equipment for the training session to the appointed location for the most private and comfortable fitness experience.

Results Driven Training

Miami Mami® offers a one-of-a-kind results-driven in-home private training designed specifically for prenatal women in all trimesters as well as women in the postpartum stage. All fitness routines are designed in collaboration with health practitioners. Our periodical follow-up sessions help evaluate your results and tweak your program based on your results and future goals. Client’s progress is measured on a regular basis with the InBody Scanner, one of the leading body composition analyzers. By carefully monitoring our clients’ evolving fitness profiles, we can provide helpful feedback, encouragement, and emotional reinforcement.

Strong Community

Miami Mami® is more than an in-home personal fitness service. We are a community of motivated and strong women, who share their struggles and successes with each other. Miami Mami organizes weekly fitness, yoga and meditation bootcamps for pregnant women and mothers to bring like-minded women together. We believe that with the right training program and strong social support, every woman can achieve any fitness goal she set.

How can Miami Mami® help on your fit journey?