Why Miami Mami is perfect for you

Miami Mami Approach

Our approach starts with creating a personalized exercise plan based on client’s goals, previous exercise experience, health condition, lifestyle, life stage (fertility, pregnancy or postpartum) and personal fitness preferences.

Results Driven Training

Miami Mami offers a one-of-a-kind results driven in-home private training designed specifically for prenatal women in all trimesters as well as women in the postpartum stage. All fitness routines are designed in collaboration with health practitioners.

Customer Convenience

Miami Mami’s mobile in-home fitness concept makes fitness convenient and accessible at any time and any place. We provide personal training services according to your schedule and thus we save your precious time.

Strong Community

We are community of motivated and strong women, who share their struggles and successes witch each other. Miami Mami organizes weekly fitness, yoga and meditation bootcamps for pregnant women and mothers to bring like-minded women together.

Miami Mami Vans

We are a mobile in-home personal training gym

Our mobile gym vehicles are equipped with the highest quality fitness equipment for the best fitness experience. Our equipment includes barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, Pro battle ropes, medicine balls, resistance bands, loop bands, BOSU Pro Balance Trainers, swiss balls, Pilates balls, TRX, skipping ropes, agility ladders, barbell pads, Plyo boxes, Bose L1 portable sound system, Shure Wireless microphone, Reebok decks, steppers, yoga matts, yoga blocks, foam rollers and core sliders.

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How can Miami Mami help
on your fit journey?

    How can Miami Mami help
    on your fit journey?