Our Services

Miami Mami® is more than a mobile in-home personal training service

In addition to our signature in-home fitness service, we offer outdoor group fitness, yoga and meditation bootcamps. We also offer hybrid model classes that combine live streaming of fitness classes with in-person visits by fitness instructors. Miami Mami® organizes various educational workshops on different pregnancy and parenthood-related topics (e.g. nutrition during pregnancy, and sleep training).

Personal Training

Unleash the power of transformation with Miami Mami® – where unparalleled fitness meets the expertise of certified Personal Trainers, curated for the dynamic goals of mothers and moms-to-be. Elevate your fitness experience to new heights with our mobile gym vehicles, equipped with top-tier tools from barbells to yoga mats. Precision matters and that's why we integrate the InBody Composition Analyzer, ensuring your journey towards a more toned and healthier you is tracked with meticulous detail. Our commitment doesn't stop at convenience – we've revolutionized virtual fitness programs, customized for the unique needs of our clients, particularly those focused on prenatal and postpartum training, weight loss, and toning.

Miami Mami® isn't just about fitness; it's a lifestyle revolution. Join us in sculpting a confident, vibrant you, whether in person or virtually. Your journey to peak wellness begins here – seize it with the unstoppable force of Miami Mami®!

* Duration of all Personal Training Packages: To be used within 2 months from the start of the first session

** Parking Cost Paid Separately

Miami Mami® Classes

Miami Mami® is a community of motivated women, who support each other on their fitness journeys and throughout motherhood. We share our struggles and successes. Join our Outdoor (Miami Dade area) and Virtual Classes, connect with like-minded women and feel the power of the Miami Mami® Tribe.